V Coterie was founded by Lynna (pronounced "leena") Van Merkey while she was attending dental school. Disenchanted by the lack of product selection to celebrate the journey through dentistry, Lynna was inspired to create thoughtful designs that merged art, science, and humor. These first took form as hard cloisonné enamel pins. A few special requests later, and an extensive collection was born.

Our pieces serve as heirlooms for the modern health professional, aspiring and established alike. From birthdays to graduations and even medical school admissions, these occasions are worth capturing as permanent keepsakes to remind us of life’s joy, love, and progression.


We’re not just making accessories. We’re celebrating medicine in a different light — one that is more modern, literal, and cheeky. We’re sparking conversation, radiating (pun always intended) positive energy, and above all, creating art to heal our healers.