Our Impact

Clear Conscience 


Our jewelry collection is intentionally designed to be cohesive, versatile and multifunctional. Designed in-house with an obsessive attention to detail, each release builds on the previous yet is distinct on its own. This means our jewelry is timeless, can be worn season after season, and is made to last. 


Each design is produced in small and considered quantities. This results in markedly less waste, allowing us to price our jewelry without the mark-ups seen in traditional retail.


We're passionate about crafting pieces of the utmost quality. We want you to be 100% satisfied with all of your jewelry purchases. We provide a 2-year warranty from the original order date on each gold vermeil or sterling silver piece. If, for whatever reason, your V Coterie piece is damaged or breaks due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair/replace it at no cost, or provide a product of equal value if the original product is no longer available.

What happens after 2 years? We offer a lifetime repair service for a small fee.

Simply contact vteam@vcoterie.com with a photo and the original order number to show proof of purchase. 


We design special collections benefitting causes that are making an important difference in the world, from social justice, education, research, and more.

Materials Matter


We vet and partner with state-of-the-art jewelers who commit to exceptional craftsmanship, ethical practices, and the finest materials. Our jewelry refineries are certified members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), who drive social compliance and improvements within the factories in their global supply chains. Our factories source conflict-free metals and gemstones to produce high-quality 18K gold and sterling silver. 

Read more about our practices here.


Our jewelry is made from certified Sterling Silver. This means that it is 92.5% pure precious silver and highly durable. We also apply an electrophoretic coating to make your jewels last longer.


Vermeil is an historic technique which applies a thick, 18K gold coating over Sterling Silver. The average fashion jewelry uses a thin gold plating over brass. Our gold is 5 times thicker than the minimum for gold plated jewelry.


All of the crystals we use are from Swarovski, who are at the forefront of sustainability. All Swarovski crystals are lead-free and responsibly produced.