Shop Now, Pay Later

How It Works

Select Afterpay as your payment method for orders of $35 - $1000, and have your debit or credit card ready. You must be 18 or older and meet additional eligibility criteria to qualify.

Instant Approval & Shipment

You’ll receive an instant approval decision. Simply shop and your order will ship ASAP.

No Interest

Afterpay will break up your payment into four equal installments. Payments will be made automatically every 2 weeks. There’s zero interest and no additional fees when you pay on time!

Once your order is processed and approved, you can log into your Afterpay account to view your orders, make payments and manage all your account details.

Afterpay Frequently Asked

What is Afterpay?

AfterPay is a digital payment platform offered to online shoppers that allows them to delay payments on purchases. Users can make weekly payments on items purchased until they are paid in full. No credit check is required to use AfterPay, and no interest is charged.

How do I use Afterpay?

Customers can sign up for a free AfterPay account, shop at select online retailers, and then use AfterPay to make purchases. Requirements include:

  • Customer must be 18 years of age or older, and be the authorized holder of an eligible debit or credit card
  • Purchases need to be over $35
  • Customer pays 25% of total cost up front
  • Customers may pay in four installments every two weeks until the entire purchase is paid off
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