Intellectual Property

We develop our designs in-house and guarantee authenticity of all V Coterie products purchased from our online store or our authorized retailers.

Our unique styles are frequently subject to counterfeiting. Please be aware that if you purchase from a third-party that is not listed as authorized, the product(s) may be counterfeit. They may not be of equal grade, safe to use, nor perform as advertised. V Coterie will not take any responsibility for related problems or dissatisfaction for products purchased from an unauthorized retailer or distributor.

In accordance with Title 7 and Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, V Coterie's intellectual rights are associated with, but not limited to, the following products:

 Product Name Copyright Registration
Have Heart
Cat w/ Mask VA0002359596
Pediatric Rod of Asclepius VA0002367343
Modern Bowl of Hygieia VA0002367345
Cat Scan VA0002359597
Nephr Give Up
Doctor V VA0002236221
Coffee Lapel Pin
Just Breathe VA0002219797
Glove Love
Dental Drill Lapel Pin
Enamel Stethoscope Ring
Endodontic Rotary File Ring
Big Ass-pirations VA0002359790


 Product Name Patent Number
Pill-Shaped Ring Box
Pill-Shaped Jewelry Box D983,032
Stethoscope Charm pending
Stethoscope Charm Enhancer with Attachment Point pending


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