V Coterie ®

V for our Founder

Coterie /'cōte - er - ee/
definition: a group of people with a unifying common purpose

That purpose is what drives you to do the incredible things you do in healthcare. From dentists to nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, and veterinarians, V Coterie celebrates and empowers you to share your journeys through medicine.


V Coterie was founded by Lynna ("leena") Van Merkey while in dental school as a passion project for creative expression. Thoughtful design for healthcare didn't exist. What later emerged came a lifestyle brand that represents today's modern health professional, accompanying the many roles she / he / they will take on along the way — from unassuming student to confident clinician.


Each collection inspires a world for the health professional who is style-conscious and unapologetically true to self. Our designs tell your story and incite meaningful connection with a playful approach. The result: classic minimalism with a dash of effortless cool. It's science meets art meets fashion.


We're a small team delivering happiness worldwide from Tulsa, Oklahoma. ☺

Who treats you while you treat others? We promise the adventure of self-discovery, the celebration of who you are, and who you aspire to become. Let us create your elevated essentials so you can shine like the medical marvel that you are.

It's our prescription for your ambition.