Our signature collection is crafted with a heavy layer of 18K gold over sterling silver, called vermeil. This type of plating is significantly thicker than regular gold plating, and, therefore, longer lasting. However, because vermeil is not solid gold, it requires some extra care.


· Humidity is the enemy. Keep it dry!
· Store your vermeil jewels in a safe, dry place (such as our Book Box our Pill Jewelry Box). Extra bonus if you have a silica gel pouch to include inside it.
· Limit wear and tear by storing your jewelry individually when possible.
· If tarnishing occurs, you can clean your piece by buffing gently with a soft polishing cloth. Or, e-mail us at so we can help!


Sterling silver is an alloy metal containing 92.5 percent silver and a 7.5 percent amalgam of other metals. Chosen for its strength and beauty, sterling silver has a lifetime of durability.


· Humidity is the enemy. Keep it dry! Sterling silver has a tendency to oxidize.
· Store each piece in your V Coterie velvet pouch, Book Box, or our Pill Jewelry Box when not in use to slow oxidation.
· Wear often. The oils in your skin actually slow down the oxidation process!
· Clean your piece by buffing gently with a soft polishing cloth.


All of the crystals we use are from Swarovski, highly valued for their longevity, sustainability, and brilliance.


· Keep your jewels sparkling with a little bit of warm soapy water. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners. Shine on!
· Clean your piece by buffing gently with a soft polishing cloth.


We're passionate about crafting pieces of the utmost quality. Under our warranty, we’ve got your back. We provide a 2-year warranty from the original order date on each gold vermeil or sterling silver piece. If, for whatever reason, your V Coterie piece is damaged or breaks due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair/replace it at no cost, or provide a product of equal value if the original product is no longer available.

Please note that our warranty does not cover lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear, improper use or storage of your product, and any modification to your product done by a third party outside of V Coterie.

What happens after 2 years? We offer a lifetime repair service for a small fee.

Simply contact with a photo and the original order number to show proof of purchase. Note: Items purchased through a third-party vendor (outside of will not be covered under V Coterie's warranty. Please reach out to the company the items were purchased from.