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Our program and application is under construction! Check back later. :)

Ambassador FAQ

Who is a VIP?

Simply put, these students and healthcare professionals are our ambassadors, collaborators, and muses. They genuinely love our products and authentically align with our values. They rave about us while receiving benefits like cash and complimentary product along the way!

What do you get when you become an ambassador?

You’ll get access to complimentary products, exclusive ambassador merchandise, first-looks at new launches, and a referral code that your friends, family, and followers can use to shop for 15% off their first purchase. Plus, you'll receive commission on each sale you make!

Top ambassadors and creators will be invited for extra opportunities, such as hosted giveaways, guest blog posts, co-designed collaborations, model casting, events, and more.

How do you select your VIPs?

We look for all around good humans who are fostering community and creating value for the people around them. These individuals range from deeply loyal customers who regularly purchase from us, eager students who are sharing their journeys, to seasoned healthcare professionals in their respective fields.

You must be active on Instagram or TikTok and over the age of 18. We're more likely to see you if you engage with us! Follow us on Instagram, tag us in your posts, and show us what you’re doing to inspire others.

How often do you accept new VIPs?

Applications are screened on a quarterly basis, so we appreciate your patience while we check out what you’ve sent us. You’ll hear back from us if we think there’s a good fit!

If you have questions about applying, please reach out to

I've applied but haven't heard back. What should I do?

As much as we wish we could, the VIP Team can’t get back to everyone who applies. We review applications quarterly, so your patience is appreciated!

Rest assured, you’ll hear back from us if we think there’s a good fit.

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