Charm Enhancer for Stethoscopes

These unique charm enhancers allow you to customize your stethoscope just the way you like. Show off your style by attaching your favorite charms.

How to Use

Think of the charm as a bangle bracelet for your stethoscope!

1. Note the different sides of the charm. The hinge side has a rectangular interruption in the seam, while the opening is smooth and straight.

2. Grab your favorite stethoscope and gently clasp the charm to attach. You'll hear a satisfying "click" when it's secure.

Add a Charm

Our badge reel charms are compatible with our stethoscope charm enhancers. Simply hook your favorite one onto the enhancer with the charm's lobster clasp.

How to Remove

This is a great tip if your fingernails alone can't do the trick.

1. Grab two pieces of floss approx. 8" in length. You just need enough to be able to thread it in between the charm and stethoscope to pull.

Bonus: floss threaders can more readily go in between the charm and stethoscope.

2. Carefully slide the floss through between the charm and stethoscope, Repeat on the opposite side of the charm enhancer.

3. Give each side a little tug to open the clasp. Voila!

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