Lynna ("leena") Van Merkey is the Founder and Creative Director at V Coterie. Beginning as a passion project for creative expression, the brand is an exploration of the modern health professional. Minimalist in design (though heart-y in meaning), the collection is a cheeky appeal for a departure from traditional stoicism in medicine. Her work is informed by her background in dentistry, having graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2019.


The scent of a dental office is one of craftsmanship. Radiopaque resins, polished porcelains, and malleable metals combine to create a scent indicative of work in rapid progression. The attention to detail required in dentistry translates seamlessly to the design studio. Our design team utilizes creative and critical thinking to produce style conscious, accessible luxury goods.


My name is Winston Merkey, and I'm the V Coterie office poodle. My paw-rents think I should help at the office more, but I'm really, really busy snoozing and sunbathing. I'm a people pup — just pat your belly, say "hug" and I'll greet you enthusiastically. (I might knock you over, though!)

Favorite toothpaste flavor: chicken
Likes: long walks, baths
Fun fact: my great grandpa is a retired veterinarian