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Wear Your Flair: How to Style Your Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a popular accessory, offering a unique and stylish way to express your personality and interests. Whether you're donning a classic suit, a white coat, or casual scrubs (they're basically work pajamas, right?), lapel pins are an easy way to add individuality to your outfit. Follow along for some creative ways to style your lapel pins, from the traditional lapel to unexpected placements like backpacks, ID badges, and scrubs.

Classic Lapel Placement: Elevate Your Suit Game

The traditional lapel placement is a timeless choice that instantly adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. When wearing a suit, position your lapel pin on the left lapel, just above the buttonhole. Choose pins that complement your attire and occasion, whether it's a classic enamel pin or a more playful design that reflects your personality.

White Coat Wonder: Make a Statement in the Workplace

If you're a medical professional or scientist, the white coat is your canvas for showcasing style and individuality. Place a lapel pin on the collar or lapel of your white coat to add a pop of color and personality to your professional attire. Opt for pins that reflect your interests or highlight your achievements, creating a talking point for patients and colleagues alike.

Backpack Bling: Express Yourself on the Go

Don't limit pins to your clothing — extend your style to your accessories, starting with your backpack. Pinning a small, eye-catching lapel pin to your backpack can turn it into a unique fashion statement. Mix and match pins to create a personalized collection that tells your story, or choose a single standout pin for a minimalist yet stylish look.

Scrubs with Personality: Add a Splash of Color to Clinical Attire

Medical professionals can inject a dose of personality into their scrubs with strategically placed lapel pins. Pin a small, themed lapel pin near the chest pocket or collar for a subtle yet stylish touch. Look for pins that align with your profession or interests, creating a cohesive and professional appearance while showcasing your unique style.

Pro tip: If you're concerned about creating holes in your nice scrubs, try piercing the pin through the seam of the pocket.

ID Badge: Express Your Individuality

For those who wear ID badges daily, incorporating lapel pins is a subtle yet effective way to infuse style into your work attire. Attach a lapel pin to your lanyard or directly onto your ID badge for a touch of flair. Opt for smaller, lightweight pins that won't weigh down your badge but still make a statement.

Styling your lapel pins goes beyond the traditional suit and tie. From white coats to backpacks, ID badges, and scrubs, there are endless opportunities to express yourself and elevate your style. Experiment with different placements and mix and match pins to create a look that's uniquely yours, turning everyday attire into a canvas for self-expression.

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